About Us

Our company has been a leader in the adaptive mobility equipment industry for over thirty years. We understand the unique needs of our customers and our experience ensures ultimate satisfaction with adaptive installments and conversions. And our owner, Jim, who has been riding, working on and modifying his own ATV’s since they first came out in the 80’s felt it was about time we sold and serviced them ourselves!

When having the conversation on  whether or not we should become a CFMOTO ATV & UTV Dealer Jim said, “I’ve never understood why it’s always such a production to purchase an ATV, UTV or motorcycle in our area (southern MA) and I’m tired of always being frustrated because I’d have to travel  more then 150 miles just to purchase decent power sports equipment”. That being said our goal is to be able to make buying, selling and/or customizing any and all ATV/UTVs easier and hopefully closer, for some. And with our fully equipped manufacturing facility, full of the best shop equipment in the area, we are able to build, sell, service, customize and even adapt any all terrain (ATV) or utility (UTV) vehicle.