Why Did We Choose CFMOTO?

CFMOTO is a world-class quality ATV/UTV manufacturer that completely shatters your expectations of what an all-terrain vehicle can do. Like you, they are outdoor enthusiasts empowered by the world around us.

From their chest thumping 800cc V-Twin to the torque-laden 500HO, these engines are the heart and soul of every vehicle. At CFMOTO, they understand this intricate and emotional connection, which is why they design, engineer, and manufacture their proprietary engines completely in-house.

At CFMOTO they build no-nonsense machines with the power and agility to take on anything you throw at them. They don’t show you a bunch of awesome features just to make you pay extra for them. All of their premium features come standard, from the custom paint to the 3,000 lb. winch, giving you the total package without the inflated price tag. With their independent A-arm suspension, high performance adjustable coil-over nitrogen gas shocks, and custom designed engines, they build ATVs and Side-by Sides for the ultimate ride – nothing more, and nothing less.

History & Legacy

CFMOTO USA’s headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota, may have been built in 2007, but that was not the first time America had heard of their vehicles. Since 2002, CFMOTO’S ATVs and Side by Sides have been conquering terrain from sea to shining sea. Their longstanding tradition of excellence comes from their unmatched custom designed parts, which they have been producing for other powersports companies for decades.

CFMOTO truly began with one part—their engine. The founder of CFMOTO created their trademark liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine in Hangzhou, China, and the rest is history. This truly awesome piece of machinery prompted the inception of the company in 1989, and with that came their world-renown ATVs, Side-by-Sides, Motorcycles, Scooters, and more.

From their flagship operation in China, CFMOTO quickly established a worldwide presence. Since its inception, CFMOTO’s mission has been to provide their customers with exceptional, top-end vehicles at affordable prices. The brand has since steamrolled into an unstoppable global phenomenon, with their affordable, high quality-vehicles leading the charge. Today, CFMOTO is proud to be among the best ATV/UTV companies in the world, and you can be a part of it. 

We’ve done our research and know CFMOTO is the way to go! If you’re still unsure stop by our dealership today and take a road-test! We have all new CFMOTO ATV & UTV/Side By Side models available so you can try them all, you won’t be disappointed!